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Pre-lawsuit Mediations

​DSC specializes in pre-lawsuit mediations. Our areas of expertise include family disputes including pre-divorce filings, real estate, construction, aviation and Maritime.

Attorney & Client Mediations

​Our mediators are always prepared to mediate.  They read all background material and, therefore, waste no mediation time getting "up-to-speed".

Reputation & Confidentiality

​DSC establishes long-lasting relationship with its' clients. Reputation is critical. All of our mediations are conducted in confidential settings and we respect our participant's privacy.

Pricing Policy 

We believe that mediation should be a service available to everyone at a reasonable cost.  We welcome a frank discussion regarding your dispute and our fees.  We don't have a one-price-fits-all pricing policy.

Our Specializations

​DSC has experienced mediators who specialize in: Aviation, Marine and Family mediations.



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Dispute Settlement Center LLC is located in Miami, Florida and serves the greater metropolitan area.

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